The relevance of PBL
Project Based Learning is a suitable approach for technology integration in the language classroom as it has many advantages. It gives the students the opportunity to collaborate and work in a group, solving real problems and encouraging self motivation and creativity.
I really enjoy using technology and I am all the time trying to learn about different new tools to use in my classroom. Throughout the WELL course, I have learnt to employ many new tools and I have used many others that I knew, but I did not use before. Sometimes because I lack the time to do it, or simply because I did not dare to use it.
I would really like to integrate all these new technologies into my classrooms, but to be honest, this does not apply to my reality nowadays. But as I have mentioned in some occasions, I am preparing myself for the future, as I will be able to put it into practice at any time.
This course gave me the opportunity to discover new tools and also to try them. I enjoy creating web lessons and collaborate in different spaces like Wikis and Blogs.
It is difficult to get myself up to date with all the Tics available, but it is easy to focus on my students needs and apply the most suitable ones for each group.
Doing this course made the difference, as I have learnt and reflect a lot. From now on I will try each TICs and analyse them to see whether they are appropriate for the task I am working on or for future tasks.