Welcome to WELL II 2012!

My name is Carla Raguseo and I’m the online tutor and designer of the WELL course. I started integrating blogs and wikis into my classes seven years ago and my teaching has never been the same since then. They say that "One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.", right?  Together we’ll discover how these tools can help us boost motivation and develop learning autonomy in our students within a content-based approach to language learning.

Our WELL blog is one of the three online spaces we will use throughout the course to share experiences and expand our learning networks. On the sidebar, you’ll find the blogs that were created by other EFL teachers in previous courses. Check them out!

I'd like to invite you to introduce yourselves and share your experiences with blogs and wikis as well as your expectations for this course. Also, take your time to look around and make yourselves at home!