WELL2: Goodbye Messages

Dear WELL teachers,

Here we are, reaching the end of these exciting weeks we have spent sharing, asking, analyzing, exploring and learning together!

We have ventured to new online territories, creating, posting, commenting, editing and building knowledge collaboratively.

The "formal" process may have come to an end, but our connections will remain because we own the spaces we have built together!

Thanks for your curiosity, commitment and enthusiasm!

Let's keep learning!




- It helps students perceive the importance of learning a language as a communication tool.

- It provides a very powerful tool by means of which students can create content and improve their knowledge of the foreign language by participating in meaningful conversations in the target language.

- It promotes the development of higher order thinking skills, as teachers and students need to post entries which increase reflection, analysis, discussion and synthesis in order to establish a conversation and construct knowledge collectively.

- It encourages natural conversations between teacher and students in the same class as well as in different classes and even in different countries, thereby increasing awareness of perspectives outside the classroom and promoting learning about other cultures.

- It gives teachers the chance to develop a much more personal relationship with students and to establish a different kind of rapport with and among their students.