5 reasons why I'd like to try EFL blogging:

· A blog is not difficult to construct and the teacher can organise it to have a collaborative learning environment.
· Blogs are useful supplementary tools to engage students in the learning process, as they are meaningful for them.
· A blog is easy to use from any place, as the teacher or students can enter the blog from any computer.
· An advantage a blog has is that the teacher can create, edit or delete the material added to the blog. So, in a way, the teacher can control the blog and offer feedback to students at the same time.
· In a blog, teachers can add pictures, videos and links to other WebPages, so students can quickly navigate the web and look for the things they need.

Welcome to a new WELL Module!

Welcome to our brand new WELL blog! An open online space to share our reflections and conversations with the world.

My name is Carla Raguseo and I'll be your online tutor. I'm an EFL teacher from Rosario, Argentina. In 2006 I started my first blog for an international online exchange for Argentinian and Brazilian students. Since then, I've started different blogs for my classes to facilitate connections and authentic communication.

Of course, there are no recipies or fixed guidelines for the use of blogs and wikis in education. However, we do need to understand how they work and what they mean to the learning process to take a sound decision on how to implement them in our classes.

Here's the recording of our Kick Off event last Saturday: An open talk with Claudia Ceraso to share experiences and to think together of new inspiring and innovative ways of empowering our students not just to learn the language but through the language and meaningful interaction.

Have a look at some of the examples we shared with Claudia during the conference:


We'd love to hear about your experiences as well.
Please, write a short introduction and tell us about your experiences and expectations.

Have you ever blogged with your students or for your own professional development?
In your opinion, how can blogs and wikis be integrated in the language classroom?
What are your expectations for this course?

I look forward to learning together!