Goodbye WELL 2 - 2011

Dear WELL teachers,

During these frour weeks we've explored and tried to unveil the potential of blogs and wikis for the EFL classroom. It's been amazing to share your expectations, fears and discoveries!

As I've said before, the "formal" process may have come to an end, but our connections will remain because we own the spaces we have built together!

Let's keep developing our learning networks on the web!



Budding Blogs

After our blogging week at WELL 2, it's exciting to see new blogs coming to life and others "re awakening" in the blogosphere.  I see how carefully you've all chosen the templates to transmit the right atmosphere as well as images and videos that describe your mood, your fears, your interests and expectations for your brand new spot on the web.

May this be the beginning of a meaningful blogging journey!

Enjoy everybody's 5 reasons!

Image: WELL blog by Websites as graphs 

Debora's 5 reasons Why I'd like to try EFL blogging
Guillermina's 5 reasons why EFL blogging is a good idea
Romina's 5 reasons why EFL blogging is a good idea

Sandra's why I'd like to try EFL blogging
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